It's Not Kimchi

Pak Choi fermented with fire roasted honey carrots, jalapeño, ginger and honey. It's got some funk.

Waste not with saved Pak Choi from Roseberry Growers that was in flower early and with the odd caterpillar. We saved most and added a ferment of fire roasted honey carrots, jalapeño, ginger from Pimlico Organic Produce with Collins Creek Honey.

It’s got some funk. It’s hard to describe this one as it has quite a complex personality and could be used in most things that you might add Kimchi to. Blend it up and add sour cream for roast spuds perhaps. What we really enjoy it with is cheesy brown rice and a fried egg.

Some may say on first sight that it is Kimchi. But it’s not. It says so on the label!

This is an addition to some of our previous ferments that play on classics with a sort of “we’re not doing it, unless we do it like this” type of attitude. Lost in the Kraut and Kyogle Kimchi were our take on some classics adding a fun and local take on these funky ferments that many quickly associate with fermented foods.

No artificial preservatives, flavours or colour. Gluten Free. Vegan Friendly.

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Open carefully. Keep this product in the fridge once opened for a longer life.


Beetroot, ginger, chilli (Carolina Reaper), Australian sea salt, time.
Net Weight
Best Before
November 30, 2024
Roseberry Growers & Pimlico Organic Produce
Made In Kyogle

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440 g