Low travel.

Most of us probably don’t think too much about how far things travel, the things we consume and the ingredients in them. More conversation about carbon footprint while supply chains express areas of concern. The movement towards lower travel and localisation, moving away from single points of failure is a worthy consideration when assessing solutions for the future.

Not everything is so easy to solve though, there are a lot of ingredients or even things to contain them that either aren’t available or not feasible to source locally enough. So they are the compromise when you’ve done everything else you can to address the issue.

Sourcing, Production, Delivery

In the beginning we need to source produce while we establish the gardens and growing capacity, seeing what will grow well through the seasons in our location.

To address the low travel issue while we source externally we try to source from local growers, farmers markets and other organic and sustainable independent farms.

Once we grow more and see what products do well we can align the growing ability, availability and success of the products that we output, we can work towards sourcing closer to 100% of the ingredients from the farm.

Some things are harder than others though, like sea salt, some spices and sesame seeds for some reason.

In terms of production and delivery, it starts to become a case of “How deep into this do you want to go?”. Equipment, packaging, who owns the courier company, printing, it can become a never ending list. So we are just focusing mainly on what goes in the jar. Some consideration into other elements will be made as those options become more feasible as we scale.

In the Short Term

We have to start somewhere and until we can grow a lot of things year round with great success enough to output for products and feed us a little too, we need ingredients. Thankfully we are in a region that has an abundance of independent farmers and food producers and there is good support for locally sourced food goods.

While Mid Term we will

As we move through the seasons and see what grows well and also turns out to be popular with those that eat it, we will find the balance between what we need to still be sourcing externally and also what fits within the style of products we’re making and what people really enjoy.

Long Term we hope to achieve

Once we are able to source everything internally (apart from the sea salt), we will have reached the goal of super low travel. This means you know that what is going into the jar is grown and made by only a few sets of hands and hardly goes the length of a football field in it’s journey from seed to sealed bottle.

In doing this we hope to provide something that holds a lot of truths and values in not just how good it tastes or nutritional benefits but also knowing exactly where it’s come from and what has gone into making something so enjoyable.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy everything that we produce!